Shot by Cannon was launched by Nathan (that's me!) in July 2015. 

I discovered my true love of making films and digital content for people when I was studying at college. I realised it was something I enjoyed doing and was receiving some great feedback from my clients.

I studied Creative Media Production at Highbury College and received a small grant to start up Shot by Cannon. It wasn't a plan of mine to go into running my own business at the age of 18 however after a lot of meetings with different staff members who helped me out at the college, it was a great step in my creative production journey.


Starting this business is now something I am very proud of doing...even though it is the hardest thing I have ever done! 

In 2016 I really ventured into the wedding market. I already had some knowledge of the vast wedding business after singing at weddings throughout 2015-16.


The 2019 season is very busy and I am LOVING IT!! I am already fully booked for a few months next year and am getting enquiries for 2021!